During the annual team retreat in January, 2018. Taken in Langkawi, Malaysia.

Build an Inspired Future

LaunchGood empowers the global Muslim ecosystem through crowdfunding. As a platform, we elevate ideas that challenge narratives, transform lives, and create positive change.

I joined the 100% remote team in 2016 through a design and development fellowship, but quickly grew to obsess over brand strategy, product management, and sustainable marketing. While at LaunchGood — over the past three years — I've seen the company 10x our total dollars crowdfunded, from $9MM to $90MM.


Live, production-deployed screenshots. Practiced design.

Left: Dhul Hijjah Challenge

A 10-day giving challenge game for Muslims. LaunchGood is pushing the boundaries of monotonous crowdfunding by actually engaging the “crowd” in new ways of giving. With gamified challenges we’ve turned the 80% of one-time giving users into serial givers who can’t wait to discover new causes and products.

Check it out, and try the onboarding process!

Right: Redesigned Campaign Page

Our three-year-old campaign page design was looking a bit stale in 2019, and the numbers demonstrate that the impact wasn’t a simple facelift:

  • Over 80% of all site visitors were landing directly on a campaign page
  • These pages accounted for 90%+ of revenue
  • After A/B testing, I was able to calculate a statistically significant result of 16% improvement in conversion rate & revenue

The Blessing is in the Details

At LaunchGood, no UX state gets left behind.
Transactional emails for the “Ramadan Challenge”

Too Many Hats?

My work and personal growth at LaunchGood is a vast journey of invaluable experience. Sometimes the best experience is not in the roles and responsibilities themselves but — especially for a remote team — in the spaces between.

For most products, I got my hands dirty in:

  • Brand strategy
  • Business goals
  • Marketing messaging
  • UX wireframing
  • Design
  • Frontend development
  • Code review
  • A/B testing
  • Analytics and reporting

While it’s typical to specialize in a few segments of these layers at a time, I take pride in being able to move seamlessly up and down the stack. In practice, that means when sprint performance diverges from the planning, I can adjust and provide support where needed. That also means that when the sprint begins and ends, bringing in design feedback or handing off to marketing is as smooth as possible.

Product Management at Scale

Going from zero product management to something fluid enough to work with an always-growing team in an ever-evolving industry serving a TAM over 1 billion is a road full of gleanings. From the way tasks are broken down and estimated, to the level of detail required on user stories, to the feedback loop with marketing, every team needs fine tuning to achieve harmony.

No company has a perfect process, and no perfect process exists. That’s why I believe the opportunity to iterate through so many ways of working with a global team have allowed me to do some of my best work.