Event Dynamic

Highlights 😎

  • Serve as the only Product Manager overseeing our entire suite of AI pricing products
  • Translate needs across Data Science, Data Engineering, Platform, DevOps, Webapp, Design and Sales teams
  • Work directly with leadership, clients, and operational support teams to ensure our processes scale along with our code and features
  • Lead and oversee priorities for a design team handling multiple products and a custom design system
  • Build a phased approach for E2E testing to reduce errors, with an MVP providing real insights in one day
  • Introduced A/B testing, user-tracking, and transactional emails as valuable tools to inform product growth
  • Tracked platform resilience to inform architectural decisions like multi-region redundancy for the inevitable AWS outage, driving our services uptime from 86% to 99%
  • Scoped, planned, and supported 6 enterprise integrations with major marketplaces from discovery to production certification
  • Led a complete product redesign during the height of Covid, directly contributing to new client sign ups including one of the top 10 most valuable sports franchises in the world