American Muslim Consumer Consortium

The conference was a huge success, a kind of coming-of-age for the Muslim Community here as an economic force.

Miles Young, CEO, Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide

The Next Three Billion

To quote Ogilvy's report on Islamic Branding, “The global Muslim population is set to rise from 1.6 billion to 2.8 billion by 2050. This is the world’s youngest and fastest growing consumer group. But it remains untapped, even though Muslim audiences are increasingly calling for brands to respond to their needs. The key is to ensure their values are understood.”

AMCC is an organization which showcases the needs of the Muslim market segment across the American economy by offering critical research to empower the companies developing products for this market. Their flagship program is an annual conference that brings some of the largest corporations, expert researchers, and aspiring entrepreneurs together.

End-to-End Conference Branding

In partnership with Tahir Aziz, I was responsible for developing and executing a fresh, modern, and inspired brand for this flagship conference.

  • Brand strategy, design, and development
  • Conference digital presence, design, and development
  • Modular assets for use in marketing and print materials

Brand Development

The Idea

The goal in working our design for AMCC 2016 was to bring the theme front and centre: The Emerging Paradigm: Faith, Values, and Innovation. A unique and memorable conference should be able to stand alone boldly and present a statement about what it’s trying to accomplish in this event as opposed to in years past. The design should be able to portray this while remaining tied to the core AMCC brand.

We filled a whiteboard with words and associations from the primary theme and distilled these into one statement: shaping the economy to include Islamic perspectives and to cater to the growing Muslim market, while preserving and displaying the Muslim identity. With our list of associations and a single, guided statement, we arrived at three brand tenets.

The brand must reflect:

  • Boldness in modernity
  • Continuity in unity
  • Islamic heritage

The Mark

The logomark was designed particularly for The Emerging Paradigm: Faith, Values, and Innovation. It makes use of rotational symmetry and geometric patterns found in Islamic Art, but is (1) tilted on its axis to “lean forward to the future,” (2) slightly spherically distorted to be more organic and inviting than sharp geometric lines, and (3) has a single outlined tile representing “the emerging paradigm.”

Inspiration: MIA Qatar, Mashrabiya Notebooks

The Colours

The palette was derived from the individual colours of Islamic art and architecture, and as a whole was created to feel traditional yet clean and modern

Inspiration: Mudéjar, Mashrabiya, Morocco, Putra Mosque, Sarouk

The Type

We selected Brandon Grotesque and Futura PT because they’re modern, complement each other well, and are flexible enough to be used from headings to paragraphs. Originally, we had sought to use Mosque Sans, the thesis project of designer Cenk Özbakır, described as “a modern, simple sans-serif typeface whose look and feel evokes an architectural sentimentality without looking like a Mosque.” Unfortunately, after requesting permission from Özbakır, he mentioned that the typeface just isn't perfect enough to release yet.

Inspiration: Mosque Sans (process)

The Pattern

The use of a pattern can add depth to every element of the conference design, from the website to social media posts, from newsletters to print materials. Islamic art is full of distinctive and subtle patterns, but we wanted something which also felt quite modern. After searching, we settled on recreating a simple pattern found in MIA Qatar.

Brand Execution

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