Alpha Lambda Mu

The only Muslim fraternity in the country

The word “fraternity” or “brotherhood” translates to the word akhuwwa in Arabic. Brotherhood is an extremely powerful force that has been recognized in the Islamic tradition as a catalyst for good. The potential that a young man has to bring benefit to a society is great, but the potential that a group of young men under a unified banner and mission has the ability to change their society forever.

The job of many Muslim student organisations that are already on college campuses is to serve as a hub for Muslim life on campus, which is a large task in and of itself. Thus, many of these organizations are not able to successfully tap into the potential of strong brotherhood and intensive personal development in a way that the fraternity model can.

There’s a void that needs to be filled, a path that needs to be paved, a balance that needs to be established. And we’re here to do that.

An Ongoing Personal Journey

My involvement with Alpha Lambda Mu, or ALM, began at the start of my college experience. I quickly engrossed myself in the leadership of the fraternity and went on to lead both the founding chapter as well as the nationwide organisation.

The experience is too much to detail in one portfolio piece, but includes thousands of hours of capacity building, partnership building, leading conference sessions, grantwriting, risk management, conflict resolution, and local lobbying.

At the end of the day, my takeaway is not limited to a list of skills but in the sincere and genuine relationships that were built. I aspire to reflect on these experiences in a serious of longform blog posts over the next few years, but for now it’s best left as a highlight to be inquired about.